Our Services

Professional quality & speed!

We offer high qualitu translation services in more than 20 languages in the most competitive market with focus on your excellent and efficient service.


Our experienced partners translate any kind of document, considering your needs and providing the best result, providing translation services in numerous fields such as legal, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.

Certified Translation

In your transactions with public institutions and services, with Greek and foreign authorities, the use of the certified translation is essential to certify its validity and correctness.


We provide interpreting services through our qualified partners who have been trained and have many years of experience in simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and whispered interpreting.

Proofreading & Editing

We check and proofread your documents with the necessary care and knowledge to eliminate any errors and ensure that you get a perfect result that will allow you to publish them.


Copywriting aims to create and write persuasive messages to encourage a consumer or a client to trust and choose your business. In this way, you can increase the popularity and sales of your business.


Transcription is the conversion of any audio file into text. We guarantee that all the content of your audio files will be converted into text with accuracy and respecting structure and style.