Certified Translation

In your transactions with public institutions and services, with Greek and foreign authorities, the use of the certified translation is essential to certify its validity and correctness.

The certified, or otherwise official, translation bears the stamp and signature of the person legally entitled to translate and certify.

In accordance with the Greek Law 4194/2013 Greek Official Gazette Α΄ 208/2013, we cooperate with lawyers who belong to the Bar Association and hold the required language certificates and who can validate your translations so that they can be accepted by the respective institution, service, or authority in Greece and abroad.

Επίσημη Μετάφραση

Based on the above law, your translations become certified and have the same validity as the former Translation Service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please note that the use of certified translation may often be necessary in your transactions with private services. So, when you decide to send us your documents, it would be necessary to let us know whether you need a certified translation or not.

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